The primary purpose of the Committee on Human Resources (CHR), also called the Personnel Team is to recruit and retain a highly qualified, diverse and talented work force that supports the UUCS mission. We support a shared ministry environment that provides a fun, respectful, efficient and effective work culture in keeping with the UUCS Covenant of Respectful Relations and our UU principles.

CHR is a volunteer group of individuals with diverse professional backgrounds that have come together to provide a variety of Human Resource Management services to the UUCS Congregation.

Services we provide:

• Assist UUCS Leadership with strategic planning for growth and organizational development.

• Develop, establish and document UUCS positions. Work in partnership with Budget Committee, staff and UUCS leadership to identify and establish fair compensation and benefits for UUCS employees.

• Develop and use recruiting tools to build appropriate applicant pools: screen, select and recommend appointment of perspective employees. Provide research and recommendations for contracting services.

• Develop, maintain and update as needed human resources policies, procedures and the Personnel Policy Manual (see below); research employment law, fair labor practices, etc. and provide guidance and counsel to UUCS leadership and employees as needed to ensure compliance.

• Provide training and advice to UUCS leadership and employees to ensure a positive and productive work environment that complies with State and Federal labor laws and UUCS human resources policies.

• Provide guidance and counsel to UUCS employees and volunteers on a variety of subjects related to ensuring a safe and productive work environment.

CHR Chair

Craig Rowland

Personnel (CHR) Purpose Statement updated 01-19-2016

Personnel Team Policy Manual

Download the Personnel Manual.