Voting at our annual congregational meeting

The information on this page pertains to governance of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem. This congregation operates as a 501c3 organization under laws of the State of Oregon and its own bylaws. The documentation provided here is for congregant review and governance transparency in conformance with the Oregon Sunshine Laws pertaining to non-profit organizations.

The UUCS Board of Directors is the governing body of the congregation. It represents and acts for the congregation in setting policy and conducting business. The Board ensures that the operations of UUCS are managed effectively in collaboration with the Ministers and Staff and volunteer teams and committees, in accordance with the bylaws.

UUCS Bylaws

UUCS is governed by its current bylaws, as approved by the congregation in the May 5, 2013 Annual Meeting.

Congregational Meetings

UUCS Covenants

Policies are adopted by the UUCS Board to define how UUCS effectively, efficiently and respectfully implements the UUCS Mission and Vision under the Bylaws of the congregation. We have entered into several Covenants within our Congregation, and with others:

Covenant of Respectful Relations
Simenfalva Partner Church Covenant
RE Family Covenant and Responsibilities

UUCS Policies

All policies are adopted by the board. Information about how to create or update a policy can be found in the Policy on Policies document. For the list of existing policies, see the Policies page.

UUCS Procedures

UUCS Personnel Manual

Strategic Plans

5 Year Strategic Plan, adopted November, 2018

Strategic Plan Implementation Expectations  2019-05-01

Strategic Plan Annual Report 2023

Strategic Plan Team Council Board Report Form June 2023

Reporting Periods for Remainder of 2023-24 as of November 2023

Strategic Plan Final Report Progress and Recommendations February 2024