Beginning on Sunday, March 22, 2020 UUCS is holding virtual Sunday services. You can watch the service on your computer or device. The link to each recorded service is in the service. To see all recorded Sunday services, visit our Sunday Service YouTube channel.

Before the COVID-19 closure, the sermon from most services was usually recorded (audio only) and attached to the entry for the service. If you would like to access the recordings directly, you can go to the UUCS Podbean List.

In Praise of Eggs and Oysters

There are very important reasons why eggs and oysters have shells, and why brains have skulls. We could also say there are reasons why shells “have” eggs or oysters, why skulls “have” brains, why nails have fingers and teeth have tongues and lips! The Dr. Seuss classic Scrambled Eggs Supersets up this morning’s meditation on hard and soft, and why we need both to support our lives.
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