This page shows all the calendars maintained by our congregation. Some of these events are official UUCS events, while others are community events or social justice activities that some of our members are participating in. You may also view these calendars in a list view.


Covid-19 Update: UUCS is holding all meetings using our phones and computers. If you want to schedule a meeting, or you need help with how to join a meeting, send an email to  The office does request that you schedule events and update the church calendar as appropriate (see below) so that all can check on the times and dates of meetings, even those being held via Zoom.

If you wish to publicize a UUCS Sponsored event, fill out a Publication Request. Once your event is on the calendar, this is the form that you use to tell the congregation about it. From this one form, your event will be included appropriate media, including in the website, Facebook, This Week email, and/or the newsletter.


To schedule a new event or to update the calendar for an existing event, fill out the Event Scheduling Request Form. This is the form that puts an event on the UUCS calendar and ensures you have your space reserved at UUCS.

To schedule an event that involves collecting funds (to cover expenses or for fundraising), you must fill out the Hosting an Event or Fundraiser Form. All events involving the collection of funds must be approved by the Fundraising/Finance Team. For details and help with planning and executing larger events, download the Event Planning Guide.


If you are interested in arranging childcare, read the instructions and guidelines page and fill out the Childcare Request form to make arrangements.