At the entry to the UUCS building is a fountain in a shape reminiscent of a chalice and flame, the symbol of Unitarian Universalism. 2016-08Welcome! These are our most frequently asked questions, with answers to help you feel at home here at UUCS.

How can a Unitarian Universalism be “non-creedal”? Does this mean you can believe in anything? Non-creedal means you do not need to hold a certain set of beliefs to belong.  However, we are called on to uphold the principles  adopted by our congregation as a member of the UUA, which include a free and responsible search for meaning, and respect for the interdependent web of which we are a part. Read the full text of the Unitarian Universalist principles.

So, if Unitarian Universalism is non-creedal, how can it promote spiritual development? In addition to our lifespan Religious Education program we have several groups that focus on various aspects of spiritual development. Many find that in working for and with a caring community,  each opportunity for service is an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Why is the symbol of the movement a flaming chalice with two circles around it? The flaming chalice symbolizes the light of truth. The two circles are for the two religious movements, Unitarianism and Universalism, that joined in 1961 to form the Unitarian Universalist Association. For more on the history of the movement, see the UUA website.

How can I become a part of this community?  You are welcome to participate in any UUCS activities, getting to know the members of our congregation. If you determine that you are interested in becoming a member, we ask that you attend a Building Sacred Ground series to learn more about Unitarian Universalism, our congregation, and what membership entails. Becoming a member is an affirmation of your support of our UU Principles. The three requirements of being a member are signing our membership book, making a pledge of support, and making contributions to UUCS to fulfill your pledge. We welcome everyone to take part in programs, activities and services. This website, the Sunday Bulletin, the Newsletter, or a phone call to the UUCS office can inform you of opportunities available.

How can I rent UUCS facilities?  To make arrangements for viewing or renting our facilities contact the UUCS office.

I am a team member/leader and I want to set up and publicize an event. How can I do that? See this post.

The Board – a ten (or 11 if the past board chair is included) member board of directors that directs the functions of the church in cooperation with the ministers.

Community Minister – a UU minister that works in the community but is associated with our congregation.

Intern Minister – A minister in training.

Simenfalva, Romania.  – (she mun fall vah)  The location of our partner church with rich Unitarian Universalist  traditions.

Hanneman Hall – the large fellowship hall named for one of our founding members.

Memorial Garden –a place for quiet reflection, and to memorialize with a plaque those who have died.  It is just east of the Sanctuary.

Child dedication – A ceremony for young children in which the congregation affirms its commitment to help in the spiritual growth of the child.

Flower communion – A springtime ritual communion in which congregation members bring a flower for a large bouquet, and then take a different flower home, symbolizing a sharing of talents and gifts in this congregation

Water communion – a ritual for the fall in which members bring real or symbolic water to combine in a large vessel, and then verbally share what it represents in their lives during the summer or the past year.