2016 Membership Team meeting


Our primary purpose is to promote a beloved community. The more we understand and know each other the deeper our connections can be and therefore we will become a stronger, healthier, congregation that can more fully worship and work together to do the work we are called to do in our congregation and in our daily lives.

What do we do?

• Our hosts warmly greet and welcome all who attend Sunday services to ensure that everyone will have an enjoyable and spiritual experience.

• The coffee service, which we coordinate and that takes place in the fellowship hall after each service further enhances this experience by providing the opportunity to make new friends and connections and strengthen established relationships.

• The membership team uses the fellowship pads and Visitor’s Book to gather information about the needs and concerns of our members and guests, thus making new connections and responding to those who are seeking more information.

• We also are in charge of coordinating the Welcome Table after services where anyone may sit and visit and information about our congregation and Unitarian Universalists is on display.

• The membership team also coordinates the membership classes (Building Sacred Ground and Journey to Belonging), along with the Circle Suppers which provides all with the opportunity for engagement and building new connections and personal growth.

• The membership team provides ‘interest profiles’ to those members willing to share their stories and publishes the stories in the monthly newsletters.

• Our team also maintains the membership directory, provides name badges for all who request them and for the hosts.


Membership Team Purpose Statement 2017-09-15

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Anna Tally


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