Much of the work of the congregation is done by all-volunteer teams and committees and their volunteer team leaders. Some teams have a paid staff member or members of the elected board of directors as team leaders.

Teams are the major organizing structures for ongoing work within the church.

Committees have focused tasks with legal/structural responsibilities and can be placed within a team (e.g. Finance) or outside of one. Also, note how several committees are integral parts of teams, performing specific tasks. Their UUCS committee email and committee leader names are also on the team leader list (updated February 2024). See the sidebar for more information about specific teams and about committees.

The Minister is part of the Worship Team. Other paid staff are on the Music Team (the Music Director) and the Lifespan Religious Education Team (Director of LRE). Members of the board of directors are on the Finance Team (the Treasurer) and on the Team Council (Vice Chair of the Board). Other teams are led and staffed by volunteer members of the congregation.

The team leaders and other interested parties meet at least quarterly in a Team Council meeting to coordinate efforts in support of the congregation. Team Council Purpose Statement and Essential Functions 2023-12-14. Team meetings and Team Council meetings are on the church calendar.

Affiliated Ministries are groups not directly part of UUCS, but with which we co-sponsor programs. They are self-sufficient, self sustaining, affiliated programs of UUCS. They vary in focus, from social justice to spiritual growth. Of special interest is the Women’s Alliance, which provides fellowship, facilities and equipment, and spiritual, social and advisory services to the UUCS community. It is a separate entity from the UUCS organization and predates the UUCS charter date.

Descriptions of these groups can be found here, and their meetings are also on the calendar. Their contact information is also on the team leader list.

If you would like to volunteer and enjoy purposeful work with good people for a good cause, please contact the team or team leader for information about meetings, activities, and how to volunteer. The team’s contact information is on the team leader list, (updated February 2024.) Or, you can find the team leader’s contact information through the member directory, or the church office. If you are new to our congregation, check in at the Welcome Table and talk about all the options available to get involved.