The purpose of this Team is to maintain UUCS building and grounds with primacy on safety, and in concert with recommended best sustainable practice to preserve and enhance their beauty, comfort, accessibility, and longevity/useful life. We operate under the following policy:

Facilities Committee Policy 1 – 2019-05-09

Do you want to help? This brochure gives the desired skills and roles to be filled on the Facilities Team. The Facilities Team is the overarching team for Landscape, Mechanical Operations, Artworks, and Library and Archives.

Our primary responsibilities include:

Landscape and Ground Maintenance
Do you want to help? This brochure provides an overview of skills desired and roles that need to be filled on the Landscape committee. Provides for overall landscaping of the grounds, acquires and places trees, shrubs, and flowers in concert with Plans that have been approved by the Facilities Team Chair or UUCS Board if there is no Chair. Plans for and carries out the ongoing grounds care and maintenance activities in concert with an annual plan that has been presented to and accepted by the UUCS Board.

• Mechanical Operation and Maintenance
Oversees, controls and maintains the water, plumbing, sewer, heating, lighting, air handling, and the electrical systems of the building and grounds. Assures we meet all operational standards to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. This includes making recommendations of functional use of space.  Makes recommendations to Facilities Team Chair or UUCS Board if there is no Chair as to needed improvements and recommended priorities to maximize longevity of building, service use of building in optimizing space, and best investment based on applicable life cycle cost analysis.

• Aesthetic enhancement of building and grounds
https://uusalem.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Art-Works-Team-Brochure-2022.pdfDo you want to help? The Aesthetics and Design Team is looking for persons with various skills, and has several roles to be filled, as outlined in this brochure. Oversees acquisition, selection and placement of a variety of artistic and decorative materials for building and grounds in concert with plan that has clarified criteria that are in alignment with thematic mission of UUCS, functional areas of UUCS Common Grounds, and shared vision that has been vetted with Facilities Chair and UUCS Board.

• Maintain Archives and Library
The Archives group collects, sorts, records and stores available as needed information regarding significant congregational activities and events.
The Library group oversees the acquisition of appropriate books and other educational materials that embrace and support Unitarian Universalist Principles and advance individual spiritual and personal growth.

Facilties Team Purpose Statement 2017-10-01
Art Works Team Purpose Statement 2019-12-08
Landscape Team Purpose Statement 2017-10-01

Interim Chair of the Facilities Team is Lynn Cardiff.

Lynn Cardiff

Board Chair; Facilities Team Coordinator; Life Lines Lay Minister