UUCS relies on the generosity of the congregation to support the Congregation’s Mission and Vision in Salem and the greater community.  Each year, UUCS has a pledge drive where members and friends are asked to make a pledge for the coming fiscal year.  The pledged amounts directly affect the budget:  The bylaws prohibit setting a budget that exceeds the pledged amounts.

The pledges allow UUCS to finance the following:

  • Living wages for our staff
  • Stewardship, operation and development of our congregational facilities
  • Spiritual development and enrichment of our community of members and friends from which volunteers and spokespeople come
  • Charitable outreach programs for social justice, and to meet our community’s needs
  • Projection of our mission and vision into the community at-large
  • Development and maintenance of our relationship with UUA and the greater Unitarian Universalist movement worldwide

General Timelines For The Pledge Drive And Budget

The UUCS fiscal year is from July 1 – June 30. The Finance Policies And Procedures document describes who is involved in managing the pledge drive and the development of the budget.  

  • September:  Pledge chair is identified.  This is the person who will organize the pledge efforts.
  • December:  UUCS teams and committees submit requests for funding team activities in the coming fiscal year.  These requests help to formulate a preliminary budget.  They also help to identify any special needs that could be highlighted during the pledge drive.
  • February – March:  Pledge drive and writing of final budget.  The pledge drive must be complete by the end of March.
  • April:  Final budget is presented to the UUCS Board of Directors for approval.
  • May:  Annual congregational meeting where the final budget is presented and voted on by the voting members of the congregation. 

Determining Your Pledge Amount

UUCS will benefit from any pledge that you are able to give.  When you decide on your amount, consider the full scope of benefits that UUCS provides for you and for our community.  If you are looking for some guidelines for how much is appropriate, review this guide from the UUA:
[pdf-embedder url=”https://uusalem.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/fair_share_contribution_guide.pdf” title=”UUA Fair Share Guide”]
Download UUA Fair Share Guide

If you have more questions about the pledge drive, please contact the Finance Team Chair, listed on the Finance Team page.