choir-36-2UUCS is committed to music as a way to enhance the worship experience and create community. We seek to provide a variety of musical experiences knowing that we are touched in many different ways and that we have many musical gifts to share. As a part of our worship services, members of our congregation often perform pieces they have prepared in coordination with our Music Director. We are supported by dozens of dedicated and talented volunteers who contribute their musical and administrative talents to the program.

As a result, you may see a wide variety of music from week to week, everything from a full choir, to a jazz combo, to a single musician with a guitar.

Four men on sax, piano, drums and bass are playing music.

We invite you to bSara Greenleaf plays piano during serviceecome part of our choir or participate in any part of our music program.  It can be a wonderful musical experience as well as an opportunity for fellowship and for offering your time and talent to the congregation.

Copies of our hymnbooks are available through the UUA bookstore.

Aimee Larsen Amend leads singing