Since the pandemic started, providing the weekly services has turned into a project requiring the skills and abilities of several people. The entries on this page chronicle those efforts.

Filming the Live-Streamed Service While the Building is Closed

Reopening at UUCS, May 23, 2021

  • Celebrating Sunday Service Through the Lens of the Celebrant -

    Are you someone who finds meaning in our Sunday services and would like to expand your spiritual growth and learning, collaborate with the Minister and a great team of dedicated people who are interested creating a welcoming, compassionate, and inspiring community through Sunday Service?  Then ... read more.

  • Behind the Chalice March 2023 -

    For the month of March, let’s find out more about Careylynn Patterson, who you likely greet on Sundays at the door of the Sanctuary as she hands you the printed order of service. She has also taken over Loraine Stuart’s job of delivery the weekly ... read more.

  • Behind the Chalice January 15, 2023: Tabby Finds Love in Community -

    Tabby cat walked by the front door on a Saturday and wandered in. People were there, which was unusual, lots of people and they seemed very busy. Tabby looked around for someone she might recognize (and possibly get some food), but with so many people ... read more.

  • Behind the Chalice January 2023 Greg Gregg -

    For January from Behind the Chalice we have for you – Greg Gregg. You have greeted him at the door, you have heard his thoughts on the state of humankind, now you get to know him a little bit better.

    Position/s for Sunday Services: Greeter, Homilist
    What ... read more.

  • December 2022 Salute to Margrethe Gregg -

    For the month of December, “Behind the Chalice” learns more about Margrethe Gregg, who not only is
    Host/Greeter on Sundays, but is a Connections Group Facilitator for the fourth year in a row, a grandmother who
    supports LRE and is always willing to help with Coffee Service! ... read more.

  • November Gratitude from Behind the Chalice -

    November has become the month of gratitude for many people (though as Rev. Rick likes to remind us, we are on the path of Compassion and Gratitude daily in our lives). Nevertheless, as we prepare to gather for Thanksgiving with our friends and families this ... read more.

  • Behind the Chalice for October 2022 –Sara Pickett -

    Name: Sara Pickett
    Position/s for Sunday Services: Lots of different ones, Celebrant, Homilist, Video
    Engineer, Sound (still learning), Production Coordinator, Worship Team Chair.
    What do you most like about your position/s: They are all creative in different ways,
    all connect with each other and with others that help with ... read more.

  • Behind the Chalice September 2022 -

    For the month of September, we continue to get to learn more about the people involved in creating the Sunday Service.  This month we learn about Marcia Christenson, part of the Homilist/Storyteller team who also does special music and is cantor at times for the ... read more.

  • Behind the Chalice August, 2022 -

    In the heat of the summer:

    Hi all, it has been almost two years for Behind the Chalice. It started out during the pandemic as a way to keep us all connected while we were apart and having to watch services virtually. It was a way ... read more.

  • Doc Hadley, Slide Guy, June 2022 -

    The month of June has us catching with Doc Hadley, better known fondly as, “Slide Guy”.  You will be reading this just after seeing his latest masterpiece with the Flower Communion slides.  Each year he does a beautiful job of bringing the colorful diversity of ... read more.

  • Meet Ezra Alexander- Behind the Chalice May 2022 -

    For the month of May, we learn about our incredible Video Engineer, Ezra Alexander.  He is leaving us soon for the bright lights of Utah to go to college.  We wish him the best, thank him for his time and talent, and hope to see ... read more.

  • April Showers Brings Us — Gil Nicholson-Nelson -

    With April comes showers and flowers popping up out of the ground and the Easter Bunny.  Well, we couldn’t catch the Easter Bunny, but we did catch up with Gil on why he likes helping with Sunday Services.

    Name: Gil Nicholson-Nelson

     Position/s for Sunday Services: Sound and Camera ... read more.

  • The Tides of March with Bob Muir -

    The Tides of March bring us information about Bob Muir, a recent addition to the folks from Behind the Chalice.  Check out his idea at the end and stay tuned for information on how that will happen!  – Yours, from Behind The Chalice

    Name: Bob Muir

     Position/s ... read more.

  • Meet Brenna Norval, January 2022 -

    As we start the new year, let us read about Brenna Norval.

    Position for Sunday services– celebrant. 

    What do you like most about your position? I’ve always liked standing in front of people and reading and sharing.

    What is one thing you would change? I don’t think there’s ... read more.

  • Loriann Schmidt, December 2021 -

    For the month of December, we learn about Loriann Schmidt. Loriann stepped up in August of 2020 and has steered UUCS through the deep waters of doing Live Stream for services including development of the Production Team which includes Video, Sound, and Lighting for not ... read more.

  • Introducing Barbara Stebbins-Boaz November 2021 -

    November always brings thoughts of thankfulness and one person we are definitely thankful for is, Barbara Stebbins-Boaz who’s musical, writing and relationship building skills are appreciated by all.

    Name: Barbara Stebbins-Boaz

    Position/s for Sunday Services: Celebrant, camera handler, occasional eliminator-of-confusion, singer.

    What do you most like about your position/s: Being ... read more.

  • Meet Jon Chinberg-October 2021 -

    Tales from Behind the Chalice: The month of October we learn more about our own Jon Chinburg, who provides audio support and occasional special music for our Sunday services. “Koszonom” Jon, for all that you do!
    What do you most like about your position/s? I enjoy ... read more.

  • Meet Becky Harrison -September 1, 2021 -

    Happy Fall from Behind the Chalice.  As we again take a pause from in-person services, let us continue finding out more about the people from Behind the Chalice.  This month it is Becky Harrison.  Welcome Becky.  And here is what she said: 

    Name: Becky Harrison. Position/s for Sunday ... read more.

  • Who Knows Who is Behind the Chalice? -August 3, 2021 -

    So dear readers, we, Behind the Chalice, find ourselves in a relatively calm time.  The Sunday Services are in person and live streamed.  The in-person Fellowship time has started, sans caffeine at the moment, the lights and PTZ cameras sit patiently while they await being lifted ... read more.

  • In the Heat of the Morn – June 27, 2021 -

    Do you know what happens when you combine days of increasing heat, Question and Answer Sunday and the UUCS Virtual Choir?  A lot of hot air?  No, no, bad joke, bad joke.  You get a very cool ending of the 2020-2021 church year!  Although apparently ... read more.

  • UUCS Reopening-May 23, 2021 -

    It came upon a Sunday morn, white flowers looking like stars resting on a green bush under the swaying green leaves of a tree offering shade to parked cars. One arrived and then another, getting there early to prepare for the big day, the reopening ... read more.

  • Preparing for Reopening for In-Person Services May 23, 2021 -

    So one morning, the Cast and Crew of Behind The Chalice, woke up at the camp at the base of Mt. Jefferson, and they saw the snow was melting, the air felt warmer and before them they saw a path, a road if you will ... read more.

  • Behind the Chalice – May 2021 -

    You remember reading about the pioneers walking across the country to what became Oregon and settling into the Willamette Valley? You remember reading about all their adventures and how many different geographical challenges they came across, each one seemingly more daunting than the next?
    ... read more.

  • April Showers Bring — May Opening?? -

    April Showers bring May Flowers, so what does May bring? Well, dare we say it? The slow reopening of UUCS building for Sunday Services!

    No! Never say it! Ah, but I do say it! So what are we, Behind the Chalice, doing to prepare for this ... read more.

  • February-March 2021 – One Year of Streaming Services, Ice Storm -

    Well, here we are, starting the month of March, and with it the one year anniversary that we started recording Sunday Services. (BTW- the traditional 1st – anniversary gift is paper). You should have seen us, behind the chalice, a year ago, we didn’t know ... read more.

  • January: Comment During the Live Stream, Fellowship, Prayer Flags -

    In the bleak January winter days, UUCS Sunday Services continue to be produced and hopefully something within the service speaks to your soul, your inner light, because we need to push that light forward so that the days will continue to lengthen and we will ... read more.

  • Gifts in the 12th Month of Sunday Services -

    Behind the Chalice-
    On the 12th Month of Sunday Services, The Sacred Mystery gave to us (in 2020):
    12- People weekly creating services
    11- Great guest speakers (probably more)
    10- Behind the Chalice reports
    9- Months recorded services
    8- Lanterns lighted (during Christmas Eve walk)
    ... read more.

  • ‘Twas the Christmas Eve Rehearsal- Thanks to the Production Crew! -

    ‘Twas The Christmas Eve Rehearsal,   with apologies to Rev. Clement Clarke Moore

    ‘Twas the week before Christmas Eve Service

    and all through the Church,

    not a creature was stirring,

    not even those pesky sugar ants that show up every spring in Salem!  – Anyway, back to the story.

    The Sanctuary ... read more.

  • Updates – December 9 -

    Well, things are puttering along back here behind the Chalice. Those bits of the service where the sound suddenly goes out is as frustrating for us as it is you. We are working on seeing if there is a solution.

    Some of us practiced using radios, ... read more.

  • Join Us! Volunteer for the Production Team – November 26, 2020 -

    We have been speaking to you from “Behind the Chalice” for several months now, giving you at times a bird’s eye view of what is going on to bring you the weekly Sunday services and help keep us connected during these times when we cannot ... read more.

  • Adell Joins Us, Webinar October 25, Trivia Night in November – October 20, 2020 -

    Well, gentle readers, it is time for a quick update on Behind The Chalice. The big exciting news is the new computer came! Ahead of schedule! It is getting install and comfortable in it’s new home. In case you are interested, it has a name. ... read more.

  • Life Savers and a New Production Committee – November 27 -

    When last we saw our “cast and crew”, they were feeling marooned on an island called The Sanctuary. All attempts at communication from the island seemed to keep washing back up on their shore, and they were feeling alone, cold and isolated. They knew they ... read more.

  • Technology is a Difficult Friend to Love – September 20 -

    Some sad news about one of our own, not as tragic as Justice Ginsburg’s passing, but relevant to us nevertheless. It is about Gertie Mae, our laptop that has served for many years in the sanctuary providing viewing of the powerpoint slides for all to ... read more.

  • Another Streaming Attempt September 13 -

    We are constantly learning, here Behind The Chalice, and this week we learned that the Sanctuary just doesn’t get enough WiFi to make a smooth live stream experience. At the moment. But, never fear dear readers, this is going to be looked into as far ... read more.

  • Streaming September 6 -

    On September 6, we tried our first Live Stream! There was a little hiccup with the “stream” part, but that should be fixed now, and the recording of the service went quickly up, so folks did get to see it on Sunday. The few people ... read more.

  • Behind the Chalice – Thank You Volunteers! -

    Since March, members of the Worship Team, Music Team, Communications Team, Office Staff and LRE among others have worked together to continue to deliver weekly spiritual services. The experience has strengthened each of our personal spiritual journeys as well as taught us some new technology ... read more.