Since the pandemic started, providing the weekly services has turned into a project requiring the skills and abilities of several people. The entries on this page chronicle those efforts.

  • Adell Joins Us, Webinar October 25, Trivia Night in November – October 20, 2020 -

    Well, gentle readers, it is time for a quick update on Behind The Chalice. The big exciting news is the new computer came! Ahead of schedule! It is getting install and comfortable in it’s new home. In case you are interested, it has a name. ... read more.

  • Life Savers and a New Production Committee – November 27 -

    When last we saw our “cast and crew”, they were feeling marooned on an island called The Sanctuary. All attempts at communication from the island seemed to keep washing back up on their shore, and they were feeling alone, cold and isolated. They knew they ... read more.

  • Technology is a Difficult Friend to Love – September 20 -

    Some sad news about one of our own, not as tragic as Justice Ginsburg’s passing, but relevant to us nevertheless. It is about Gertie Mae, our laptop that has served for many years in the sanctuary providing viewing of the powerpoint slides for all to ... read more.

  • Another Streaming Attempt September 13 -

    We are constantly learning, here Behind The Chalice, and this week we learned that the Sanctuary just doesn’t get enough WiFi to make a smooth live stream experience. At the moment. But, never fear dear readers, this is going to be looked into as far ... read more.

  • Streaming September 6 -

    On September 6, we tried our first Live Stream! There was a little hiccup with the “stream” part, but that should be fixed now, and the recording of the service went quickly up, so folks did get to see it on Sunday. The few people ... read more.

  • Behind the Chalice – Thank You Volunteers! -

    Since March, members of the Worship Team, Music Team, Communications Team, Office Staff and LRE among others have worked together to continue to deliver weekly spiritual services. The experience has strengthened each of our personal spiritual journeys as well as taught us some new technology ... read more.