Celebrating Sunday Service Through the Lens of the Celebrant

Lit Chalice

Are you someone who finds meaning in our Sunday services and would like to expand your spiritual growth and learning, collaborate with the Minister and a great team of dedicated people who are interested creating a welcoming, compassionate, and inspiring community through Sunday Service?  Then being a Celebrant may be something you want to try for a year or so.  Here is a one-sentence description:

  • Job Description: Celebrants are responsible for ensuring that worship service presentation material is complete and ready for services, and will also present material during the service. 

Of course, there are a lot more details of what goes into this role than this one sentence.  It is fun to look at how the theme of the sermon could be threaded throughout the service by finding or writing quotes and Readings that help support the message. You have watched us do it. Would you like to join us?  You do need to be a member of the congregation, be able to attend a meeting 1x/month and be willing to be a Celebrant once per month on average. This may fluctuate depending on the size of team membership. This is an evolving ministry and being flexible to changes is beneficial.  If you are interested or have questions, email sara@uusalem.org      Until later, we remain yours, Behind the Chalice.