The UUCS member directory is available in several formats.  You can choose to download a PDF, view the directory on your computer or mobile device, or receive a printed version.


How To Download The PDF Version

The PDF version of the UUCS Membership Directory is updated periodically.  You are encouraged to re-download the directory from time to time to ensure that you have the latest changes.
To read the PDF version of the directory, you must have Adobe Reader  installed on your computer or device.  The PDF file is password protected, available only to those listed in the directory.  To obtain the password contact the UUCS Office.  The password is required each time you open the PDF file.

Download the Membership Directory

How To Access The Directory Online

If UUCS is currently sending mail to your email address, you have the option to view the directory online using your computer or mobile device. To access the directory on your computer, visit in your browser. To access the directory on your mobile device, download the Breeze App for Apple (IOA) or Android.

If you would like to access the membership directory online, but did not provide an email address, click the “I need help” button below and ask to have your email address added or updated in the UUCS database.

How To Start Using the Online Directory

Use these detailed instructions to set up your computer or mobile device to access the Breeze online directory. You can access the directory from either your computer, or your phone or both. On the computer, you will see the images as a list. On the phone, you must click on a name to see the image. If you have a question at any time, click on the “I Need Help” button below.

How To Obtain A Paper Version

If you wish a hard copy printed edition contact the UUCS office.