Connections Groups, formerly called Covenant Groups,  are lay-led small groups that deepen and expand the shared ministry of UUCS and strengthen the bonds of fellowship. Each group can have 6 to 10 participants. Experience shows that groups of this size provide a great opportunity for folks to relate on a more intentional level and build deeper relationships. Membership in each group is closed after the formative meetings, so members can create a caring, safe environment for sharing personal. thoughts and feelings. Groups meet once per month for ninety minutes.

How are they formed?

During September, the connections groups are formed with sign-ups from current members, new members, and friends. The groups are closed after an initial sign up period so that the members can grow as a relational group with consistency of membership. In the fall, watch for the online sign-up links in the monthly newsletter, or in This Week at UUCS.  Often, sign up opportunities are offered  in the fellowship hall after services in the fall.  Finalized group rosters will be sent out after that.

Monthly Themes

Each month connections groups explore the theme proposed by the Soul Matters Sharing Circle – a UU worship resources network to which UUCS belongs. Facilitators initiate the sharing process with readings and pertinent questions. Each theme asks the question: What does it mean to be a people of… ?

Themes from previous years:

Power and Promise of Connections Groups is Intimacy, Ultimacy and Growth

Intimacy: A depth of relationship comes from meeting over time, willingness and ability to listen without comment or advice, to learn from others, and to share from the soul.

Ultimacy: We place our focus on meaning and significance, rather than details, information or outcome.

Growth: Connections Groups provide opportunities for members to develop skills and grow in confidence as leaders within and beyond the group, and the potential to grow our congregation in numbers, and in generosity, cooperation, and sense of well-being. This growth occurs when people feel supported.

The Covenant

Connections Group members are asked to abide by these relational guidelines as best as they are able:

  1. To make attendance at the monthly meeting a priority.
  2. To respect the confidentiality of personal sharing that takes place within the group.
  3. To listen and to share.