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A Gadfly in Salem: Why Oregon’s State Capital Needs UUCS

These are troubling times for liberals. Our government seems more Orwellian than ever, even as the leaders of our religious Association have taken a dystopian page from Fahrenheit 451. In 1984, George Orwell wrote, “Orthodoxy means not thinking—not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.” And in F. 451, Ray Bradbury wrote, “Remember, the firemen are rarely necessary. The public itself stopped reading of its own accord.’” Today, more than ever in our lifetime, our liberal religious values—reason, freedom of conscience, and our humanistic ethic—are being discarded by both sides of the ideological spectrum. That’s why Oregon’s Capital city needs the presence and courage of UUCS now more than ever.

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Celebrant: Gloria Holland, Anchor: Sara Pickett
Music: UUCS Choir