This page lists the Joys and Concerns submitted by our members and friends while the church is closed and we are holding “virtual services”. Feel free to submit your own Joy or Concern!


Brenna finds moving Dad a joy and a concern

Joy entered by Brenna Norval on January 23, 2023

This is a joy and a concern
My family is in the process of moving my elderly father to our area. He’s got some medical issues and is still grieving the loss of my step mom, who passed away last April. We ask for prayers and good thoughts as we move through this challenging time- the end result being that I can see my dad whenever I want!

Loraine Stuart is doing OK

Joy entered by Mary Kennedy on January 20, 2023

Hi there all. Loraine Stuart was transferred to Providence Benedictine in Mt Angel. From there she moved to Windsong in West Salem. She has had 3 trips to the Emergency room throughout this time. Today she will return to Windsong with Hospice. We're trying to bring her back home. Much preparation needed, though. Don't give up on her she's doing pretty well. Visitors Welcome. Thanks for all the love and support!

Healing thoughts needed for Sarah Rohrs

Concern entered by Joseph Gramer on January 9, 2023

Sarah Rohrs, my wife, has suffered a badly strained muscle (assuming diagnosis is right). It impedes her walking and general functionality, and has prevented her return to the new school term so far. Mostly, it's just awfully painful. Please offer prayers and kind thoughts for her recovery.

Update on Mary Bray

Concern entered by Mandy Bray on January 6, 2023

Mary Bray is currently in a nursing facility-Mt. Angel Providence Benedictine Skilled Nursing Facility-and her daughter Mandy asked for that to be shared with the congregation.

News about Mary Sohlstrom

Concern entered by Lisa Leirmo on December 29, 2022

Our longtime UUCS member, Mary Sohlstrom, who is 98 years old, has moved into an assisted living apartment. She would love to hear from you if you want to visit or send a card. Her new address is Cedar Village Room 208, 4452 Lancaster Drive NE, Salem 97305. She sends her love to everyone.


Joy entered by John Brandenberry on December 26, 2022

Faith is the word I will give you
Faith is the answer, indeed.
Have faith and work for your future
Have faith and you'll get what you need

With faith, you'll know all the answers
With faith, you'll know that it's true
That no one can possible love you
any more than you already do!

Loraine Stuart is in the hospital

Concern entered by Mary Kennedy on December 22, 2022

My mother Loraine Stuart is in Salem Hospital and has been there since Saturday, December 17.

Concern for the planet

Concern entered by Jack Tally on December 16, 2022

The Montreal Biodiversity Conference (COP-15) concludes tomorrow, December 19th. Scientist are warning us that our planet is headed in the next 30 years toward a mass extinction event the likes never seen before in human history. This would be a human caused tragedy. Solutions will not come easy. Leaders will be pressured not to act by greedy interest groups. May we find pathways to better share the planet with the more-than-human life who inhabit this big blue marble with us.

Update on Jessie's granddaughter

Joy entered by Jessie Wilson on November 17, 2022

I recently wrote with a concern about my little granddaughter's health. I'm glad to say that she is doing much better!

My former stepdaughter continues to thrive

Joy entered by Jessie Wilson on November 16, 2022

My former stepdaughter, who left an abusive relationship earlier this year, is doing well. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts.