This page lists the Joys and Concerns submitted by our members and friends while the church is closed and we are holding “virtual services”. Feel free to submit your own Joy or Concern!


50 Years and Counting!

Joy entered by Harriet Trill on June 11, 2021

Harriet Trill and Glen Kaye will celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary on June 17th

Military Paychecks Delay Feels Careless

Concern entered by Karmen King on June 8, 2021

To lighten the anger my heart feels at the military (who my husband is currently serving an active duty mission as a military chaplain candidate) who is so slow in getting their ducks in a row that they blew right past the 1st of the month and 'HOPE' to get paychecks figured out by the next cycle of checks on the 15th. So like most people, this translates into rent and car payments going unpaid, food not bought, gas not put in the tank, litter not bought for the cats but it's okay. The military is on it. I am so sorry to lay out my concerns in this fashion but it helps to know my community can share my concerns and support me to be better. It's hard to be the only one at home to deal with all of the back lash from such a careless non urgency.

Long-awaited family visit is on the horizon

Joy entered by Deborah Emeny on May 28, 2021

In June two of my daughters and their families will come for a nice long visit. Everyone is fully vaccinated. Due to the pandemic it has been a year and a half since we have been together. I am over the moon with happiness!!!

Graduations in the Carver family!

Joy entered by Phil and Marie Carver on May 7, 2021

Marie and I are happy to announce that our daughter and son are graduating from college within a month. Kayla with a professional degree in veterinary medicine and Rory with a bachelors in nursing.

Speedy Recovery wishes to David Haber

Concern entered by David Haber on April 29, 2021

On April Fool's Day I had surgery for cranial nerve cancer. It was not as much fun as I thought it would be. On May 10, I begin cancer treatment for 6 or 7 weeks. "Well Wishes," "Speedy Recoveries," and similar sentiments will be appreciated by me (less so if I do not know who you are--but I'll appreciate the effort).

Happy gardens and full hearts!

Joy entered by Jessie Wilson on April 2, 2021
Paul and I are very grateful that everyone in our household is healthy. We have been doing LOTS of gardening. We've just started to plant an area that will be over 100 feet long with flowers and shrubs. We are in the final stages of building our pond. Finally, we will be putting in a 6 foot by 12 foot greenhouse this year. We have sore muscles but full hearts.

A big thank you from Simenfalva

Joy entered by Sara Pickett on March 31, 2021
Rev. Sándor from Simenfalva said that the vitamins we sent got there! He is very grateful, says they will be given to old people to help with COVID-19, says Happy Easter and wishes many blessings for our congregation.

Recent arrival in the Chinburg family

Joy entered by Jon Chinburg on March 28, 2021
I am 'over the moon' happy to announce that my son Brandan and his wife Brianna brought their son Brian Travis Chinburg into the world last week. Mother and baby are doing very well!

The Piersons are grandparents

Joy entered by Sharon and Neil Pierson on March 19, 2021
Our daughter-in-law gave birth to Cyane on March 18, 2021. The family is living in Beirut so we won't get to see her very soon, but we are getting lots of pictures.

Announcing the loss of Sylvia Kline's brother

Concern entered by LeRoy & Sylvia Kline on February 14, 2021
Sylvia's brother(Charles Schubert) passed away on Wed., Feb.10 after a long illness.