Sharing joys and concerns is a mark of a caring community. Personal Joys or Concerns submitted here will be sent to the Lifelines Lay Ministry team and the Worship team. They will be read at the service (unless you indicate you do not want it read) and entered in the book. Feel free to submit your own personal Joy or Concern.

thankful for Salem ER saving my father's life

Joy entered by Annabelle on February 4, 2024

Thankful for the Salem Health ER and Cardiovascular team for taking quick action and saving my father’s life last night after experiencing a nearly fatal heart attack. My father is talking and eating this morning and hoping to go home today.

My Brother Dale Recovering

Joy entered by Francine Lekki on February 4, 2024

My brother, Dale, is recovering quickly from his mental health crisis. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! They are very much appreciated!

prayers for family of Cecelia Craig

Concern entered by Name(s) Sarah and Joseph on February 2, 2024

Prayers and healing thoughts for the family of long-time UUCS member Cecelia Craig who passed away on Wednesday, Jan. 31. We remember fondly our times working with Cecelia (and her cousin Caroline Bridges) on social justice issues with the UUCS social justice team, and of the wonderful stories of her life, and of her strength and heart.

Pray for cousin in hospital

Concern entered by Melinda Franklin on January 20, 2024

Please pray for my cousin who is having mental health issues

Dave Whittenberg is in the hospital

Concern entered by Meryl McKean on January 20, 2024

Jack Simmons has asked to share that Dave Whittenberg is in the hospital recovering from a stroke that happened this past Thursday. The news is good. He is awake and aware now and is undergoing testing to evaluate any deficits. Happily, none have been found thus far. If you're a prayerful person, please hold Dave in yours. He is not out of the woods yet.

Ted at Salem Hospital

Concern entered by Georgienne Young on January 7, 2024

Please think of Ted who has been at Salem Hospital since Tuesday with a unexplained abdominal hematoma and possible infection elevating his white blood cell count.

Elaine Cavaletto passed away

Concern entered by Ben, Lily and Reed Cavaletto on January 7, 2024

Elaine Cavaletto passed away Dec. 26th, at age 89. Ben grew up regularly visiting her and his grandpa at their lemon and avocado farm in Ventura Co. CA. She was his last grandparent

Thankful that Mary Bray able to enteract with family via smart phone

Joy entered by Mandy Bray on December 30, 2023

I am so glad my mom, Mary Bray, is able to answer a Facetime call from me...I was able to Facetime with her from the Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship's Christmas Eve Candlelight service! Mom sang all the Christmas carols right along with us! We don't know who invented smartphones, but Mom is always grateful for "Mr. Bell"... I am grateful for UUCS's YouTube services! (still living in Eureka,CA).

Concerns for Palestinian People

Concern entered by Becky on December 17, 2023

A Palestinian family I know, (one who attended here at our church when she came to visit her son and I) live in the West Bank. As the slaughter of innocent people, on both side of this war, continues in Gaza, the Palestinians in West Bank are not only frightened, but now many have lost access to power, water, and food…. due to the Israeli government. Please send peace, hope, and love to all of these people.

T is experiencing a mental health crisis

Concern entered by Bri and Danielle Baker on December 17, 2023

For our young friend, T who is experiencing a mental health crisis. We can’t be at church today as we are visiting her at the hospital in Portland. Please send love and light to her.