This page lists the Joys and Concerns submitted by our members and friends while the church is closed and we are holding “virtual services”. Feel free to submit your own Joy or Concern!


Happy News!

Joy entered by Ben Cavaletto and Annie Joslin on May 31, 2020

Ben and Annie got engaged over Memorial Day Weekend!

High hopes for a new job…

Concern entered by Paula Feldmeier on May 24, 2020

I am waiting to hear back from a job interview for a job I really want. To practice as an environmental lawyer again, they are behind processing bc of COVID-19, and I’m anxious about it. I think the interview went well (I don’t normally interview well).

Chris Roller is home now

Joy entered by Megan Roller on May 17, 2020

Chris is home from the hospital. He spent a week there and is happy to be home. He has a lot of follow-up appointments but we’ll get there.

Chris Roller is very ill with pancreatitis

Concern entered by Megan Roller on May 10, 2020

My husband Chris Roller was admitted into Salem Hospital on Thursday where he was diagnosed with pancreatitis, his glucose and triglyceride levels were extremely high as well. We are hoping for him to return home on Tuesday but it depends on his triglyceride levels of that is possible.

Friend’s son is up and about after surgery

Joy entered by Beth Anne Huffine on April 26, 2020

My son’s childhood friend who I shared concern about a few weeks ago is out of the woods. It sounds like she still has a lot to get through in her recovery but her family sounds quite grateful that she is up and about.

Ann Kresge’s brother moves to long-term care

Concern entered by Ann Kresge on April 25, 2020

Please send positive thoughts and prayers to my brother Paul Kresge as he hopefully transitions from hospital to long-term care this week in New Hampshire.

Mary Ann Marcus died April 17

Concern entered by Lisa Marcus on April 19, 2020

My family lost our beloved matriarch, Mary Ann Marcus, on April 17 after a short illness. She was 89 and living in a retirement community in Tempe, AZ. She was my wonderful mother-in-law, loving grandmother to my three children and was soon to be a great grandmother. She will be greatly missed by all family and friends.

Pansies are out!

Joy entered by George Struble on April 14, 2020

In the cracks in the sidewalk leading up to our church’s front door, pansies are growing, and in bloom. Pansies!

Send thoughts for my good friend’s surgery

Concern entered by Tamarah Swick on April 11, 2020

Alicia, a young woman that I have known since she was 5 years old (she is now 31 years old) is scheduled for surgery this Wednesday to remove a growth from her pituitary gland. Please light a candle and send positive and healing thoughts and/or prayers that everything goes well.

Ann Kresge’s Brother is still hospitalized

Concern entered by Ann Kresge on April 10, 2020

My brother Paul Kresge continues to be hospitalized in New Hampshire. He requests prayers and candles and healing energy. Paul is disabled and of course due to Covid, very alone. Thank you!