This page lists the Joys and Concerns submitted by our members and friends while the church is closed and we are holding “virtual services”. Feel free to submit your own Joy or Concern!


My partner Heloise broke her elbow

Concern entered by Art Jones on May 14, 2023

My partner, Heloise, broke her right elbow on past Tuesday, surgery scheduled Wednesday, the 17th. Accepting discomfort, losing a wing, changes expectations. Other injuries healing as she swings through Mother's Day, an anniversary, and such a surprise.

Elijah Z's mother Doreen has passed

Concern entered by The Davidson Family on May 14, 2023

Please keep Elijah Z in your thoughts and prayers. His mother Doreen passed away Thursday morning after a long hard-fought battle with cancer. She was a beautiful soul and will be missed greatly.

Brenna Norval's father passed away

Concern entered by Sara G Pickett on May 1, 2023

Brenna Norval's father passed away on May 1, 2023. Although he had been declining in health, his death was still unexpected. He will be missed. Brenna asks that you keep her and her family in your thoughts. If you would like to send condolences, her email is

Bonnie Hummel is recovering from surgery

Concern entered by Lisa Leirmo on April 29, 2023

Bonnie Hummel just had two surgeries yesterday (Sat.) and is recovering at Salem Hospital. She says hello to everyone at UUCS and will be back in her room at Sunnyside Assisted Living soon.

Student loans forgiven

Joy entered by Liz on April 29, 2023

I am very happy and grateful to say my student loans have been forgiven. I have been a special education teacher for about 14 years now. I will be retiring at about age 69 (and have plans to continue working in counseling as long as I can). Now I can think about buying a home. Also, I would like people to think about how a WFPB [Whole Food Plant-Based] diet can help with lifestyle illnesses. Too many of my friends and family have died too young. My numbers (LDL, A1C, etc,) have never been better. Please check out nutrition Live, Liz

David Roth's service was a special treat

Joy entered by GwenEllyn Anderson on April 24, 2023

What a wonderful welcome whenever I join your community. And it was a special treat to share David Roth - his music and his message - with all of you, too. Thank you!

Dad got one more good day before he passed

Concern entered by Deanna Yeakle on April 22, 2023

My father died last Tuesday. My husband David and our adult children, had the opportunity to visit Dad on his last good day. A day when we saw his kinder and possibly his purist self. This was truly a gift.

My mother Gladys has passed at 98

Concern entered by Ann Hanus on April 18, 2023

My 98 year old mother, Gladys Perozek, died on April 10, 2023. Mom was a very kind, wise and giving woman. I loved her deeply and believe her strengths and values profoundly shaped my life.

Worried about housing

Concern entered by Anonymous on April 18, 2023

My husband and I found out our landlords are selling their house, which includes the garage apartment we are living in. We are worried about housing, as neither of us have good credit right now, and we are living with one income currently.

Keep Katie in your thoughts

Concern entered by Natalie on April 16, 2023

Please keep our sister Katie in your thoughts and prayers as she is struggling with sobriety.