Joining in community with those who share our values is an ideal way to deepen our spiritual journey, and attending Sunday service is an important step on that path we hope you will take regularly. However, there is more than one way to find religious truth; we positively encourage respectful discourse, exploration, and acceptance of one another to this end.

Beyond our Sunday service we offer adult classes, (listings of adult classes are on the calendar and are among the posts on the side of the Religious Education main web page).  that explore one’s religious history, examine theological and spiritual issues, delve into world religions, or invite participation in activities such as meditation, dance, or art that may nurture or renew one’s interior or spiritual life. Our hope is that these will challenge and encourage us to put our beliefs into practice at church, at home and in our community.

Most adult classes are also open to our high school youth and are free and open to interested friends and members of UUCS. Classes are advertised on church bulletin boards, through the church newsletter, Sunday bulletin, and the Calendar on this website. To see events in the next few weeks, check the schedule of Events for the Next Month. We also have an LRE Family Calendar, which includes events for Children/Youth and Adults all in one place.

Some of our adult education classes require a minimum number of participants in order to offer the experience. For those classes and those with a minimal fee, please fill out the adult registration form.

In addition to Adult Religious Education classes we have several groups that focus on spiritual development.

Are You Inspired to Teach a Class?

Click here for Volunteer information, or contact our Director of Lifespan Religious Education, to discuss your ideas and get more information.