The UUCS Safer Congregation Committee has been formed to help address and prevent sexual abuse and harassment within our congregation. This committee will offer training for staff, volunteers and the whole congregation on the prevention of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. They will also address any sexual abuse or sexual harassment issues that may arise within our congregation.

Any person who has a concern about, or knowledge of, sexual abuse or sexual harassment involving a congregant or staff member is urged to contact a member of the Safer Congregation Committee. Members include Stephanie Jernstedt, Gil Nicholson-Nelson, Cheryl Randall, Virginia (Ginny) Merriman, Jack Tally, Molly Green (Director of RE), and Rick Davis (Minister). They can be identified by the blue ribbons attached to their name badges on Sunday mornings.

The committee was formed by the UUCS Board of Directors. The committee operates under several policies adopted by the board. They are:

Safer Congregation Committee Chair

Stephanie Jernstedt