How to Set Up and Publicize UUCS Events

The UUCS Communications team produces all manner of communication. If you would like to tell our community about some event, you can easily have it publicized in each of the UUCS platforms: Monthly newsletter (online and print), Weekly email, Facebook and the UUCS website. Just fill out the Publicity Request form.

Scheduling events is handled by the office. To add or update an event date, time or title, fill out the Event Scheduling request. The office will verify that the requested room is available (and contact you for discussion if there’s a conflict) and put the event on the UUCS calendar. TIP: Enter a description of your event in the form. This description goes on the calendar and is copied to the newsletter and weekly emails.

All forms related to the setup and scheduling of events can be found at the top of the Calendar page on the UUCS website.

If you want to publicize an event outside of UUCS, you must request help and/or approval from Communications. Our team ensures that any representation of UUCS is consistent with our style guide and policies. We can also help you create a poster for your UUCS event for use in publicity outside of UUCS. To get help with publicizing outside of UUCS, email