Craig Rowland

My journey with UUCS began when I became a member in 2015 and volunteered in the office where I found my passion for fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. Since April 2018, I have served on the Committee on Human Resources, contributing to crucial decisions in hiring key director positions and navigating changes in the UUA salaries guidelines. This year, I am also leading the Pledge Drive.

My dedication to our congregation extends beyond our walls. Through active participation in online seminars and workshops organized by our Pacific Northwest Region and Side with Love, I remain deeply connected to the larger UU community. These experiences not only keep me informed about cultural shifts but also inspire me with innovative ideas from other congregations.
Beyond our immediate community, I’m committed to strengthening ties with local nonprofits. By fostering collaboration and understanding with the LGBTQ+ in Salem, we can ensure that our congregation remains a beacon of acceptance and support for all.
I am excited about the opportunity to serve as a Director on the UUCS Board and contribute to the growth and vitality of our congregation. Together, let’s build a future filled with compassion, connection, and joy.