Anna Tally

Membership Team Member, Connections Team Co-chair

Annie Joslin

Life Lines Lay Minister

Barbara Stebbins-Boaz

Committee Member

It would be my honor to serve on the UUCS Nominating Committee. I have been a Unitarian for about 30 years starting in Providence, Rhode Island. When I moved to Salem in 1998 to take a faculty position at Willamette University, one of the attractions … read more.

Ben Cavaletto

Director, Seat #3;

I have been a member at UUCS since 2015. I have two kids registered in the LRE Program and I have served as the LRE Team Chair since the fall of 2019. I do this work because my highest service priority is helping UUCS to … read more.

Beth Ann Huffine

I grew up in Chicago and moved to Salem after college and have lived here for 30 years. I have a son in college and work as a librarian.

I started attending UUCS in 2015 or 2016 and became a member in 2017. I am a … read more.

Beth Meyers-Shenai

Marion County EarthWISE liaison

Marion County EarthWISE liaison
Facilities Team member

Brenna Norval

I am currently co-chair of the Membership Team. I work for the Salem-Keizer School District as a special
education assistant, currently at Straub middle school, I play handbells at St Paul’s Episcopal church, I
love to ride my recumbent trike during my summer vacations and … read more.

Careylynn Patterson

Life Lines Lay Minister

What she does and her interests:

Life Lines
Food bank person
She have been in the church since she was a little girl of 6
Volunteered in the RE nursery for 20 years

She lives with her 2 cats and new rabbit. She likes to draw nature and nature scenes,  … read more.

Christine Ertl

Board Vice-chair

I have been a member of UUCS since 1994. I have served on the board for 5 years, 3 as board chair. I also am on the Safer Congregations Committee, the Committee on Human Resources, the Engagement Team, and the choir. When my children were … read more.

Christine Keese-Ferguson

Director, Seat #1

I have been a member of UUCS since the mid-1990s.  My involvement within the congregation from that time until present includes regular attendance for services, RE teacher for 3 years, coordinator and facilitator of a parent support group focused on behavioral techniques and approaches, greeter … read more.

Connie Anderson

I am from Salem. I have been involved with UUCS is some manner for around 13 years. I finally became a member in 2019 with my wife. I appreciate the diversity and inclusivity of this congregation.

Craig Rowland

Diana Nicholson-Nelson

Internship Committee

Dina Triest

Team Member

Don Beckman

Life Lines Lay Minister

Don Wolf

I’ve been a member of UUCS since 2003. Over the years I’ve served on various committees, coordinated a Sunday morning book group for six years, been a member of the Board, and Board Secretary, and taught various adult RE classes, including co-teaching the recent World Religions course. … read more.

Emma Kreger

Congregational Administrator

I’m mother to four children of my own, but our home is always housing one or more “bonus teens” who need a safe space, snacks and extra guidance or support. I’m a proud wife to a Disabled Vet and we have 4 cats on top … read more.

Eric Schuman

Life Lines Lay Minister

Faith Rockenstein

I have been a Unitarian Universalist member for 20 years: Eliot Chapel in Saint Louis, Missouri; UU Church in Clearwater and First Unitarian Church in Orlando, Florida; and now a new Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem member since 2022. As of June 2021, my involvement … read more.

George Piter

Life Lines Lay Minister

George Struble

Greg Gregg

Director, Seat #2

I have been an active member of the Salem Unitarian Universalist Congregation since 2018 and pledge annually. I have served as a Soul Matters Connections Group co-facilitator since 2019, and have been with the Homilist Team since February of 2022. I also serve as a … read more.

Jack Tally

SJT Co-chair

For over 20 years, I have been a member of various UU congregations. The first church was in upstate New York. The membership was rather small. My wife Anna, a fellow UU member, was interested in finding a spiritual home for our two children. The … read more.

Jackie Klimowicz

Jane Maute

Cordon Road Stewardship Coordinator

Janet Stevens

I was born a Unitarian and raised UU. I joined UUCS in 2008. I am currently a member of the Music Team and Worship Teams, a Choir member and I lead the Women’s Retreat Committee. Our congregation, like many others, is facing challenges that are … read more.

Jean Logan

Life Lines Lay Minister

Jean Sherbeck

Partner Church Coordinator

Joan Stembridge

Life Lines Lay Minister

Joel Martin

Team Member

Joel Woodman

I enjoyed serving on the UUCS Nomination Committee. A member since 2014, I have been actively engaged in a variety of volunteer positions. Some of my past involvements include the following: Membership Chair, Board of Directors, Host Team, Financial Team, Abundance Team (Annual Pledge Drive), … read more.

John Prohodsky

SJT Co-chair

Current roles:
Board Treasurer
Finance Team Chair
Stewardship Team member
Facilities Team member

I am humbled to be elected for the UUCS Treasurer. I will work with the Board to establish systems to insure UUCS has robust finances as well as manage UUCS finances. Being Finance Team chair, … read more.

Jon Chinburg

Music Director

Jordyn Sweeney

Office Administrator

Julianne (Juli) Patton

I’ve been attending UUCS since the summer of 2018, when my husband and I moved to Keizer, and became a member in early 2019. Prior to moving here, I attended the UU church in Bremerton, WA, where I facilitated a Chalice Circle and volunteered with … read more.

Karen Piter

Life Lines Lay Minister

Memorial Wall

Kathy Rowell

Life Lines Lay Minister

Kay Cogswell

Life Lines Lay Minister

Life Lines Lay Minister

Kit Abrahamson

Laura Christian

Lisa Marcus

UUCS came into my life when I was fairly new to Salem in 2013 and looking for a spiritual home and community. I brought my love of singing to the choir in the fall of 2014 and although not currently able to sing with my … read more.

Loriann Schmidt


Lorna Youngs

Lynn Cardiff

Board Chair; Facilities Team Coordinator; Life Lines Lay Minister

Current Roles:

Board Chair
Lifelines Lay Minister
RE Team Volunteer
Membership Team Member
Women’s Alliance co-Chair

I have been a member of UUCS for almost 48 years. I was on the board for a few years in the 1980’s. After that I focused on singing in the choir and volunteering in … read more.

Margrethe Gregg

Life Lines Lay Minister

Megan Roller

Many of you already know me since I have been attending UUCS for over 6 years now and have been a member for over 5. If you don’t know me, or perhaps only know me by sight, my name is Megan Roller (formally Altorfer, Reverend … read more.

Michelle Blake

I’ve been a member of UUCS since 1996, first serving as an RE teacher, celebrant/anchor, and greeter. More recently, I’ve served as coordinator of the Addictions Ministry. In 2013, my husband and I exchanged wedding vows under the beautiful stained glass in our UUCS sanctuary, with … read more.

Molly Brown

Director, Lifespan Religious Education

Hello everyone! My name is Molly Brown and I am so excited to be leading the RE team! Here is a little bit about me and my experiences that have led me to this position. I moved up to Oregon from Northern California in 2010 … read more.


Director, Seat #4

Phil Smith

Rebekah Johnson


I am a mother of two, and a wife. I love to paint, do puzzles and be outdoors. For a decade, I balanced work and school with a focus on fashion design. After having my first child however my priorities changed to being a mother. … read more.

Reverend Rick Davis

Reverend Rick Davis

Senior Minister

Reverend Richard R. Davis (“Rev. Rick”) became senior minister at UUCS in 1993. He was originally drawn to Unitarian Universalism through his interest in world religions, particularly Zen Buddhism that guides his daily meditation.The UU religious movement became his spiritual home, as it promotes free and … read more.

Rob Schiff

Rob Schiff

Team Member

I have been a member of UUCS for thirty years, having served on the Board for a number of years including, as its Chair. Throughout the years I have also served on a number of committees, currently including the Internship Committee and as the leader … read more.

Robert Galloway

Director, Seat #5

UUCS is a big reason I chose to retire to this area. I became a member shortly after moving here in 2018. I have served on the Landscape Team, and participated in Soul Matters groups and the Men’s Group. At my previous congregation in Woodinville, … read more.

Robin LaMonte

Robin LaMonte

I come from a religious background. My parents were missionaries in the Kodiak Island region of Alaska. I sang in church choirs, and in high school and college choirs. After college, however, I was engaged in family and work activities and did not have time … read more.

Ruth Larson

Team Leader

Sara Pickett

Board Secretary

I have been a member of UUCS since 2016, originally coming for Social Justice reasons, however, I quickly found myself on a wonderful spiritual journey which has led me to be on the Worship Team, including being the Chair for 4 years; as well as … read more.

Sara Shatto

Nominating Committee Member; Family Promise Coordinator

I have been a UUCS member since 2017. I served on the Long Term Planning Committee until our task was completed. I served on the Social Justice Committee until I committed to serve on the Long Term Planning Committee. I realized that the Long Term … read more.

Sharon Pierson


I joined UUCS in 2015 and retired shortly thereafter. I’ve been working on the Communications team since then, helping with the conversion to our existing website. Eventually, I took over as webmaster. I’ve also helped with several events and projects at UUCS. I’ve made so … read more.

Stephanie Jernstedt


Chair, Safer Congregation Committee

Steven Ovens

Board Treasurer

I am currently semi-retired and now working part time for Linn County General Services. In the past I’ve worked at Willamette University, leaving there in 2004 as the Maintenance Supervisor for the campus and meeting the needs of the infrastructure for approximately 1.3 million square … read more.

Susan Farris-Gosser

Tracy Boyle

Director, Seat #6

Greetings to my UUCS community. I am Tracy Boyle and I have been attending since just before we moved into the space we occupy right now. In 2001 to 2003 I co-chaired the New Members Team with Marge French. I have been an active member … read more.

Vicki Cunningham