Jack Tally

SJT Co-chair

For over 20 years, I have been a member of various UU congregations. The first church was in upstate New York. The membership was rather small. My wife Anna, a fellow UU member, was interested in finding a spiritual home for our two children. The second church in Vermont had a classic New England feel about it. We made many friends at that church and enjoy staying in contact with them. When we moved to Salem we promptly started attending UUCS. Since then, I have facilitated two “Connections” groups. Once a month you can see me at the front door greeting service attendees with a smile and warm welcome in my duty as host.

This year is special: My wife and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary. We are proud parents of a daughter, Jillian and son, Ian. They went to college out here, loved it, and were convinced we would love it as well. Our family has always been outdoor adventurers. All through their childhood our family would be camping, rock climbing, hiking and traveling to amazing destinations. Adventure is still a major part of our lives.

My professional background includes cooking, mental health outreach and ski school coach. My BA was in Transpersonal Psychology as I was fascinated with psycho-spiritual development and in particular, Eastern psychology. As I came to the end of my coursework my focus turned to adult transformative learning, as well as creative problem solving (ask me to facilitate a brainstorming group). I am currently in my dream job as a Navigator and group facilitator for reentry clients. The work is challenging but highly rewarding.