Megan Roller

DLRE Assistant

Hi from your ADLRE! Many of you already know me since I have been attending UUCS for over 6 years now and have been a member for over 5. If you don’t know me, or perhaps only know me by sight, my name is Megan Roller (formally Altorfer, Reverend Rick married me to my husband in December), and I am an active member of UUCS. I have played roles in the Social Justice Team, Sanctuary Team, Committee on the Ministry, but I am most known for my roles in the LRE Department where I have been volunteering primarily with the youth group for five years now. I have been a UU for 13 years, first at Eastrose in Gresham then UUCS. At Eastrose, I was highly involved with the RE Department as well teaching high school and being on the RE Team. So naturally when the position of ADLRE opened I took the chance and applied and was extremely happy when Lily hired me to be her assistant. My role at UUCS will be to support Lily in any way she needs me. I am especially interested in helping the youth group, my passion has always steered me towards middle and high schoolers, probably because I have two of them myself Jadyn (17) and Zoe (14). I look forward to getting to know you if I don’t already and your children regardless of age.