The Communications Team is responsible for most internal and external communications for and about our congregation. Requests for publicity can be handled through the Event Publicity Request form. We welcome new volunteers to contact us, or just drop by a meeting to see what we do. The team includes the following components:

Webteam: The webteam maintains this site,, to invite visitors and new members to our congregation, and to serve as a resource for congregants, staff and our teams and committees. You can reach the webteam at of a Newsletter page

Newsletter: The editors provide a monthly email version of our UUCS  newsletter, The Chalice and The Flame,  to about 350 members and friends. We also print some copies to mail to our non-internet friends, and to have on hand at the visitors’ table. Our focus is on news and events of our church community, and some news of the Unitarian Universalist Association as it affects our congregation. No business or professional ads are included. Contact the newsletter staff at

Publicity: Special events to which the public is invited can be shared through which may provide print ads, and flyers. Use the Event Publicity Request form mentioned in the first paragraph.

Facebook: Our general Facebook account is at Facebook/uusalem. Check out the link on the bottom of each page of this website. Our Facebook site promotes and reviews many events of our church community. It also provides inspirational posts highlighting a Unitarian Universalist point of view. The guidelines for posting are listed in the UUCS Facebook guide.

The Religious Exploration team has a closed Facebook account for families whose children attend our programs for children and youth. Contact the Director of Lifespan Religious Education for information.

UUCS list: This is a monitored Yahoo list of about 120 persons. It is mostly used for requests for help such as help with moving, or finding lodging, or for informing us all about upcoming events of congregational interest on short notice. There is a link to this  list on the front page of this website. For more information, access the UUCS list guidelines for use.

Other Projects: When staff and time allow, the Communications team works on video projects, photo projects, bulletin boards, mailing and survey projects, and other items that contribute to providing information to our members and friends.

Meetings: The Communications Team meets the last Monday of each month at 4:00 pm in the UUCS library. Holidays and summer months (July, August) may interrupt or change our scheduling.Check the UUCS Calendar to verify meeting times and dates.

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