Sunday August 23, 2019, noon

The Annual UUCS 2020 Congregational Meeting was held on Sunday, August 23 at 12 noon via Zoom. 

Minutes of the meeting are available on this website.

Agenda Items:

  • Verification of a quorum
  • Election of Board Directors and Officers
  • Election of a Nominating Committee member
  • Voting on the 2020-21 annual congregational budget
  • Voting on revised Covenant of Respectful Relations

Verification of a Quorum

The Treasurer affirmed that a quorum of voting members was met and exceeded in the Zoom meeting.

Nominations – Board Candidates 2020

The Nominating Committee presented the following list of candidates for Board positions for the 2020-2021 congregational year. The slate of candidates was approved unanimously. 

Click on the person’s name to see their bio.

Returning Board Members not requiring a vote this year:

Retiring from Board

  • Beth Ann Huffine (Secretary)
  • John Prohodsky (Treasurer)
  • Julie Warncke Director Seat #4

Nomination – Nominating Committee Candidate 2020

The Nominating Committed presented the following candidate for the Nominating Committee:

She was elected unanimously. 

Returning Nominating Committee members not requiring a vote this year:

  • Steve Rosen (1 year remaining)
  • Brenna Norval (2 years remaining)

Retiring from the Nominating Committee:

  • Rob Schiff


The 2020-2021 Annual Budget

The proposed budget was approved unanimously.

Budget Detailed Explanation

Vote on the Revised Covenant of Respectful Relations

The revised covenant was approved unanimously.

Covenant of Respectful Relations

Meeting Packet / Documents

2020 Meeting Packet

2019-20 Minister’s Report