The UUCS Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, May 21 immediately following the church service. See below for meeting minutes.


  • Chalice Lighting
  • Remembrances
  • Certification of Quorum
  • Board Chair’s Annual Report
  • Team/Committee Annual Reports
  • Review of Voting Procedure
  • Review of Budget
  • Board Candidates and Nominating Committee Candidates
  • Renew Vision and Mission Statements
  • Board Chair Vision of 2023-2024
  • Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

2023 Annual Meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem

2022-23 Annual Report of Teams and Committees

2022-23 Annual Reports of Teams and Committees

Strategic Plan Report for 2023

2023-24 Budget

View 2023-24 Budget

Board Officers and Directors

Other than the Treasurer, board officers are elected to one-year terms. Directors are elected to serve two-year terms unless elected to complete one year of a vacant Director seat. Returning members do not require a vote.

2023 Nominees:

  • Chair (1 yr): Lynn Cardiff – Returning position- returning as Chair after serving in 2022-23.
  • Vice Chair (1 yr): Christine Ertl – New position, had previously served as Chair.
  • Secretary: (1 yr): Sara Pickett – New position. Was Director Seat #2 this year.
  • Treasurer: (3 yrs): Steve Ovens – New position- previously served as a Director for 3 years
  • Director Seat #2 (1 yr): Greg Gregg – New position – serving the remainder of Sara Pickett’s term.
  • Director Seat #4 (2 yr): Robert Galloway – New position.
  • Director Seat #5 (2 yr): Faith Rockenstein – New position

Returning Board members:

Retiring from Board

Note: Director, Seat #1 is Open

Nominating Committee Member

2023 Nominee

Connie Anderson – (3 year term)

Returning Nominating Committee Members:
Julianne Patton – (1 year remaining)
Sara Shatto – (2 years remaining)

Retiring from the Nominating Committee:

Barbara Stebbins-Boaz

Updated Mission and Vision Statements

View the updated Mission and Vision Statements