What does it mean to bless someone? Does it change anything? Come consider these questions, and say goodbye to Monica in her last service with UUCS.

Share the plate: Mid-Valley Literacy Center
Celebrant: Diana Nicholson-Nelson, Anchor: Laura Christian
Music: Cliff and Chere Pereira (Monica’s guests)

SOUL MATTERS SUNDAY: “An Action for the Climate”

The seventh principle of Unitarian Universalism is that “we covenant to affirm and promote…respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are apart.” Please join us as we learn one specific and timely way we can affirm this principle.

Share the plate: Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network (SIHN)
Celebrant: Sara Pickett, Anchor: Steve Rosen
First service music: Ryan Amend and Aimee Larsen-Amend
Second service music: UUCS Choir

Doing the Sand Dance: Acting Like an Ancestor

Reflecting on the work of Joanna Macy and others, we will explore the significance of deep time and of what it means to act like ancestor to a future that we are building. It is a transition that includes shifting from being an industrial growth … read more.

What They Dreamed

Who are your ancestors? Don’t know? Maybe you do after all. A Sunday to honor those whose lives shed light on our own. Bring a photo or image of someone in the past – a grandmother, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi – who you revere for our … read more.