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Need to address liability questions

Ann Moore
I have two concerns: 1. While HHV addressed the question of liability in responding to one of the concerns, there is no language about resolving liability issues in the resolution. I feel that we

Agree that this project is needed

Cindy Francis
I agree wholeheartedly with John Prohodsky's comments. This project is needed now more than ever. From my understanding the women will be high functioning individuals. Hood House has been operation

Comments on concerns about the proposed transitional housing

John Prohodsky
Habitat and Hope Village's (HHV) proposed transitional transition living center for 5 women is one of the few concrete steps I know of to help the homeless. Instead of finding ways why it can’t

We're not ready--UUCS needs future plans before we consider any proposal.

Susan Farris-Gosser
Homelessness is a huge problem in the Salem area and in our country. HHV is to be lauded for its efforts to create solutions to alleviate the suffering of people without homes. To that end, HHV has

Support the idea, have some concerns...

Julianne Patton
Although I support, in general, the Farmhouse idea, I have concerns about it and some thoughts: -- The on-site manager is intended to be part-time and volunteer (for the first 3 years). The lack of

The bus is not that far

Jack Tally
There has been much discussion around the location of HHV’s transitional housing for women and the access to city services. However, if you look closely, a bus runs not more that .4 miles away on

We should help out with ongoing services in town

Becky Harrison
I agree with Megan and Joan. Our time, money, and people are critical in helping the homeless, but not by creating a liability for an unmonitored place for women who need to be in town where they can

Some of my concerns...

Megan Roller
One of my concerns is that the building will be cohabitated by multiple women at once, yes they will be vetted and such, but there will no be any onsite facilitator at the location 24/7/ As someone

Summary of Facts and Concerns from the UUCS Board

Christine Ertl, Board Chair
The UUCS Board of Directors has been working for over two years with the Habitat and Hope Village (HHV) board of directors on their vision of reducing the crisis of homelessness in Salem. HHV is

What is the best way for UUCS to most effectively use our energy and resources to improve the lives of people who are experiencing homelessness in Salem?

Joan Stembridge
The problem of homelessness in Salem is of catastrophic proportions, and I fully support UUCS enhancing our role in reducing the problem. I want to thank the Habitat and Hope Village (HHV) Board