Support the idea, have some concerns…

Although I support, in general, the Farmhouse idea, I have concerns about it and some thoughts:
— The on-site manager is intended to be part-time and volunteer (for the first 3 years). The lack of a 24/7 professional manager is concerning because, human nature being what it is, there WILL be problems among the women residents for many reasons both major and minor: substance abuse, mental health issues, petty disagreements, etc.
— Others have voiced concerns about the lack of public transportation and I second those concerns.
— If/when the Farmhouse program is discontinued, for whatever reason, the building is to revert to UUCS. I echo concerns that it could become a liability for the congregation. 1) HHV states that it could be converted to a single-family home and sold or rented. But according to “Thoughts from the UUCS Board” in the mailed packet the land cannot be subdivided as per county land use rules and therefore cannot be sold as a separate lot. 2) The building could be sold to someone else with the proviso that it be moved to their own lot, at their expense. 3) If it is to be rented, there are other questions. Even if the building can be “easily” converted, it will still cost something, so an estimate of those costs should be known in advance. 4) Also, is UUCS interested in potentially taking on the landlord responsibilities and liabilities of renting out a home?