Join Us in March for Building Sacred Ground

Join Us in March for Building Sacred Ground

Building Sacred Ground will be a three-week experiential group on Sundays, March 14th, 21st and 28th, from 1:00 to 3:00 via Zoom. The series covers the historical and theological roots of Unitarian Universalism. It also involves the participants personally, through the sharing of their … read more.

Join an Inauguration Day Fellowship Gathering

Come join us at 7:00 pm on January 20, 2021 to connect and support one another as the new year and new events emerge, including a new administration in our government. Come share your thoughts, hopes and dreams as we enter this new era … read more.

Invitation to Join UUCSLIST Electronic Bulletin Board

We are in the midst of revitalizing the UUCSLISt into an email “Electronic Bulletin Board.”

We are offering signups to members and friends of the UUCS community.

We envision the UUCSLIST as our electronic bulletin board, especially now that we have limited access to our building … read more.

Jars and Lights Needed for Christmas Lantern Walk

This year UUCS will hold a Lantern Walk at the church from 4:30 – 5:30 pm on Christmas Eve. Masks are required due to COVID. More information on this event will be shared in the December Newsletter. Please stay tuned.

White Christmas lights will … read more.

How to Make a Prayer Flag

Sign up to make your own contribution to the UUCS Prayer Flags for Our Hopes and Dreams Project! Sign up for a time to make your flag in the sanctuary from Saturday, December 19 through Saturday, February 6. This window may be extended by … read more.

Help Homeless Families – Sign Up Online

The Family Promise ministry needs help feeding 21 unsheltered family members December 6-12. Because of the wildfires, Family Promise has taken in an extra family.

We need 3 volunteers to prepare or buy and deliver meals. Click here to sign up online.

You can find additional … read more.

Clothing Drive for Folks in Transition

The De Muniz Resource Center located in the South wing of the Marion County Transition Center helps men and women transition from incarceration back to the community. Congregant, Jack Tally works at the resource center as a Navigator and has requested help with filling … read more.

Using our Online Directory is a Breeze!

Breeze is our Online church directory accessible from your phone or computer, if you have an email listed in the directory. Everyone who has an email listed in the directory can see pictures and names of everyone in the directory. Those who are members of … read more.