Article II Revisions Discussions

The final vote on the revision of the UUA’s Article II of the Bylaws is coming up this June at the General Assembly (GA). Your delegates would like your assistance in determining how to vote. UUCS Board will guide as well, however we feel it is important to represent the whole congregation as much as possible. You can help.

First, read the latest revision of Article II by clicking here. An article entitled “History of Article II and the [Article II] Study Commission” can be found by clicking here. Find more links to “Article II” on the 

Unitarian Universalist Association | website.

Second, attend a zoom discussion March 6 from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Look for the link in This Week at UUCS and in the Newsletter, The Chalice and the Flame.

Be on the lookout for an in-person discussion in April and a chance to provide your “yea” or “nay” in May.

In brief, they are suggesting the UUA replace the 7 Principles and 6 Sources that are found in our hymnal and on the back of every Order of Service you get each Sunday with 6 Values supporting the centering value of Love. Those 6 Values are interdependence, equity, transformation, pluralism, generosity, and justice. In addition, there are ideas of inspiration, inclusion and freedom of belief. It’s a bit more complicated summarized here, which is why it would be so helpful for you to read it yourself and then join the chat on February 7 and or March 6.
Thank you ahead of time for your support in our decision-making process.

~Hannah Batu, Joel Martin, Sara Pickett and Barbara Stebbins-Boaz, Your 2024 GA Delegates.