“Building Our Legacy” Pledge Drive

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This light we kindle is set in the lamp of our history. We inherit this free faith from the brave and gentle, fierce, and outspoken hearts and minds that have come before us. Let us be worthy inheritors of this faith and through our good works, pass it boldly to a new generation. ~ Audette Fulbright Fulson

Dear UUCS Community,

As we approach the season of our annual pledge drive, I find myself reflecting on the journey we’ve shared and the path that lies ahead. While I don’t have the exact dollar amount for our pledge drive target, I do know that this year’s pledge drive is crucial–more so than in previous years. We are embarking on a new chapter, one filled with both excitement and the bittersweet departure of Reverend Rick.

Amidst the heartache of saying farewell to a beloved leader, we are presented with an opportunity to celebrate the joy Reverend Rick brought to our lives. This year’s pledge drive, themed ‘Building Our Legacy’, invites us to honor our past while laying the groundwork for future generations.

Here are some graphs and charts explaining our past pledging history.

In the next two years, as we search for a new minister, we have the chance to deeply reflect on our identity as a congregation. What will our shared spaces nurture, and who will find a home within them? Imagining those who will walk through our doors in ten, or twenty years, will they feel the warmth of support and the embrace of a welcoming spirit? Will this be a sanctuary for healing, a space for learning, a place to call home?

To embark on this journey, the pledge team is actively recruiting volunteers and initiating stewardship training. We are committed to making this pledge drive a community effort, acknowledging that every pledge, whether large or small, contributes to the legacy we are building together.

As we navigate this transition, your support is more vital than ever. Keep an eye out for upcoming details about the pledge drive in the “This Week at UUCS” emails. Pledging will be accessible online, and for those who prefer in-person assistance, the Stewardship Committee will be present in the Fellowship Hall on Celebration Sunday, February 18th.

Let’s come together to ensure that our legacy is one of strength, resilience, and a commitment to providing a home for generations to come.

If you have any questions or would help out with the pledge drive this year, feel free to email “kraigpdx@gmail.com

~Craig Rowland

Stewardship Committee Chair