Admire our New Benches!

Before the pandemic, UUCS hired a tree service company to remove some Douglas firs in Bateman Woods that had grown along the barbed wire fence on the east property line. The trees were getting too tall for the site, and starting to shade out some lower branches on a nearby, old white oak tree. Topping the firs was a pain, but we did that for a few years to accommodate the preferences of some lovers of fir trees, and buy some time.

Rick Davis suggested, after the trees were cut down about 5 years ago: how about building a BENCH where fir stumps now stood?

I sawed the stumps to roughly all the same height above the ground, as best I could. But I had trouble visualizing a 60 or so foot long bench looking good, or being used much, there.

Action stage: John Davenport just constructed a beautiful, 3-part bench, with ‘Trex-type’ lumber for the seating. The benches are in the sun during morning and mid-day, so would get warm/hot by mid-day in summer. But even in summer heat, the new benches are comfortable by mid-afternoon, when they’re in some shade. Current access to the benches is ‘rustic,’ but plans are afoot to build all-weather steps down the slope below.

So – a visionary idea, followed by masterly execution. Check it out!