Badges: All You Wanted to Know

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Our finely honed system of making and distributing name badges at UUCS still remains a mystery to many people. Here is the management’s attempt to clear up the fog.


Anyone who regularly attends UUCS may request a badge. You do not have to be a member to have a badge. The only difference in member’s and nonmember’s badges is that the member’s badges have the date of becoming a member on the badge.


To the left of the badge rack there is a notepad where a badge can be requested. Simply write your name legibly on the notepad making sure that you use the name you want on the badge. If you currently have a badge and are requesting a replacement, indicate your badge number if you remember it. We can look it up if you don’t.


This part is the big secret we have been keeping. All will be revealed except the names of the workers to avoid harassment when we mess up. The board chair will take all the flack.

Usually once a week, the badge maker comes in to check the list for names of people requesting badges. Then the template is made and badges are produced.

The badges are then given to the recorder who assigns each badge a number, records it on the master list and in Breeze, our data system.

The badges are then placed on the table under the badge rack to the right of the trays of children’s badges. If you have requested a badge, you can check there in a week or two at the most.


Guard it with your life! Just kidding……. The badge rack is there for you to save your badge from week to week without having to remember to put it on at home each week. The number of your badge is on the back. That tells you which slot to put your badge in at the end of the service or coffee hour. It goes in the slot UNDER the number. If your badges seems to have disappeared, please check the slots around yours and on the table underneath the rack. Sometimes the gremlins knock them out of your slot. If you forget your badge number, there is an alphabetical list to the right of the badge rack with your name and badge number. If your name is not on the list and your badge has been made recently, you will find a list at the bottom of badge numbers and names. This list will not be alphabetical.

I hope this has been useful…..and accurate. If you have any questions or complaints, see Lynn Cardiff. She will answer your concerns or make up something that will sound reasonable.