UUCS Commitments to Family Promise

In January, UUCS successfully hosted guests from Family Promise of Salem. Thanks again to all the wonderful volunteers who made that possible!

Here’s what to expect from Family Promise for the rest of the year –
Not all the churches involved with Family Promise are able to host in-house at this time. So, Family Promise is going to a “hybrid” model – meaning part rotation, part housed.

Until July, families will be “static” – that is, staying at one of the two houses belonging to Family Promise. UUCS will deliver 4 evening meals to the two houses during the week of May 14-21.

Rotations will begin again in July. UUCS is scheduled to host the families the week of August 13 –20, and again in the final rotation of the year the week of November 19 – 26 (Thanksgiving week).

Keep these dates in mind. Sign-ups will begin a few weeks before each Hosting week: May 14-21 (meals only), August 13-20, November 19-26.
Thank you! UUCS Family Promise Team