Help Needed with UUCS EarthWISE Certification

Earthwise plaque

The Facilities Team is looking for someone to lead our EarthWISE re-certification effort.

UUCS is recognized by Marion County for our conservation practices by being certified as EarthWISE. It evaluates a business’s energy conservation, water conservation, recycling, waste reduction, purchasing, and conservation culture. To retain our EarthWISE certification we need to be re-certified.

It involves getting a copy of the EarthWISE assessment, doing a walk-through with a Marion County EarthWISE representative, filling out the application, and a certification walk-through. You will work with the facilities team and staff to assess if our conservation practices are adequate. Any deficiencies will be corrected by the facilities team and staff. Minimal corrective actions are expected since we are EarthWISE certified.

If you are interested, contact John Prohodsky at