Chalice Circles to Discuss Societal Issues-Register by 2/20

Are you interested in an opportunity to participate in small group discussions? A pilot of Chalice Circles (CC), a program that complements Connections/Soul Matters, was planned for February, but has been delayed until March. Like Connections, CC offers monthly discussions led by facilitators, as well as materials containing background/resource information with relevant questions that are distributed prior to the meetings to provide structure to the discussion. While Connections offers the opportunity to reflect on feelings that focus on introspection regarding personal issues (such as hope, sense of belonging, wonder, etc.), CC meetings focus on external, societal issues, for which participants share their opinions and thoughts. Some examples of CC topics might be authority, evil, dignity, etc.

The initial goal was to implement a pilot program by offering three small CC groups to meet March through May in anticipation of expanding the program in Fall 2023. Meeting times are the first Thursday of each month (1:30–3:00 pm) starting March 2, the first Monday of each month (6:30–8:00 pm) starting March 6, and the first Tuesday of each month (1:30–3:00 pm) starting March 7. All sections are in-person in this pilot, though that is likely to change in the fall program. If you have questions, feel free to contact Teresa Farnum or 603-657-5921
Registration has started but there are a few empty seats. Please register online.