Thanks for Making a Difference!

On behalf of the UUCS Microfinance Committee, we are grateful for the continuing support of the UUCS Congregation for microfinance projects that benefit the poorest of the poor in Nicaragua and India.

We are pleased to report that our fundraising efforts raised $5,570 which we will be donating to our partner non-profit organization, The NEO Fund ( We are also excited that our efforts will help support a new microfinance project in Guatamala in addition to Nicaragua and India.

The basic idea: Make small loans to people living on the edge, so they can increase their earning power, escape poverty, and make a better living for their families. Often, poor people are not able to borrow money to buy small equipment items or materials necessary for their businesses. Banks are few in rural areas. The UUCS microfinance project is trying to help people that banks cannot or will not help.