Coffee Helpers are Needed

WE NEED YOU: For the second year, as part of the shared ministry campaign, we are asking that all members of the congregation help with coffee service one or two times throughout the year. We are hoping this will give everyone an opportunity to meet other members and to be part of service to our community. Duties include everything from making the coffee, heating water for tea, setting out cups and treats, providing treats, washing dishes, and just being the kind friendly people, you already are.

THERE IS A COFFEE SERVICE SCHEDULE: A schedule has already been created which includes most members. You can easily scroll down the alphabetized list to find which Sundays you are scheduled for. We are asking all members to help with Coffee Service. See the schedule for the days you are assigned to help. If you don’t see your name on the schedule, let us know; we would love to include you. The more the merrier!

THANKS TEAM LEADERS AND HELPERS: Thank you to the Team Leaders who will be heading the different teams throughout the year to provide the coffee service. Most of all, thank you to YOU, who are willing to be on these teams and provide the coffee service! Although many of you have helped with coffee services before, some of you haven’t and that is ok. That is why we have a Team Leader and there are likely others on your team who can help you learn the ropes, or in this case, the coffee beans. Your team leader will be contacting you, probably by email, with a reminder the Monday prior to the Sunday that you will be helping. If you can’t make that date, no worries, try and see if you can switch with someone, or help out by providing treats. Your team leader or Anna or Sara with the Connections Team, should be able to help you with this as well. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Anna or Sara at

Thank you for being part of the UUCS community,

~Anna and Sara