Homilists and Storytellers Recognized

In the Fall 2021 Rev. Rick announced the formation of a new shared ministry at the UUCS – Homilists and Storytellers. On June 12, Rev. Rick confirmed Marcia Christensen, Greg Gregg, Gloria Holland, Makenzie Kleutsch, Bob Muir, Sara Pickett, Barbara Stebbins-Boaz, Janet Stevens, Paul Wilson, Don Wolf and Bonnie Tarwater as members of the new Homilists and Storytellers ministry. They completed a four-week orientation in the “School of Embodied Homiletics” and are committed to processes of ongoing learning and growth in this role.

Each one has made a two-year commitment to this ministry and will share with our settled minister the responsibility, the honor, and the privilege of speaking from this Unitarian Universalist pulpit during our Worship Services. This new ministry is a validation of our theological understanding of ministry in which we affirm that lay and clergy are full and equal partners.

The congregation was asked to support them and this new ministry by attending services when they speak and listening with open hearts and minds. Members were presented with stoles to wear as a symbol of their commitment to offering their stories to bring joy and to lead the congregation to walk the paths of courage and compassion with hearts full of gratitude.