Habitat and Hope Village Update

Marion County has approved the septic system for the north parking lot, and has assigned the property an official address of 5093 Center Street. The blackberry bushes were cut last spring but are constantly growing back. We are just as constantly mowing them down.


Q: Will UUCS lose any parking spaces with the construction of the farmhouse?

A: We foresee no loss of parking spaces for UUCS. The new building will be on the east end of the property where currently there are no parking spaces.

Q: Will pets be allowed and if so how will that work?
A: Yes. We feel that animals are very important to our clients mental, emotional and physical health and well being. We hope to have kennels on the property. Having said this, there is still much planning work to be done on this issue including safety and health. This will be addressed when we develop the client handbook.

Send additional questions to either Patty Davenport  or Paul Wilson .

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Submitted by Paul Wilson