RE Notes for Fall 2016


REGISTRATION is being done through a google document.  A link has been sent to all of the parents currently on the google email list.  If you are new to our congregation and have yet to have been added to the google group, please pick-up a hard copy in the hallway or follow the link on our website to the document.   We will be glad to add you to the UUCS Family Communications group to keep you in the loop of all things RE!  We also have a closed Facebook group called UUCS Family Connections to communicate with other families!  Anyone not already a part of either group, please let me know so that you can be added!

RE FAMILY CALENDARS:  A digital copy has been sent out via family google group.  If you have not received one, extra copies are in the RE Hallway rack.

FAMILY COVENANT GROUP:  This opportunity will be the 2nd Sunday from 12:45-2:15!  Sign-ups available.

BUTTONS:  All registered children/youth will have buttons to wear.  Please help your children find and wear the buttons located in the hallway for RE (by the member buttons) when you come on Sundays!  If a button is needed, please be sure to let us know!

NEW:  Watch for our RE Volunteers to be wearing aprons when they are volunteering.  We have added this detail to help everyone easily recognize the adults that are helping with the program for the day.  

RE PICK-UP TIME:  This year, RE classes end at 10:45 for first service and 12:30 for second service.