What is RideShare?

RideShare is an online directory that allows you to either ask for or provide transportation to UUCS services and events.  If you drive and you are willing to give a ride to another church-goer, you would register as a driver.  If you do not drive or do not have a car, you would register as a rider.  Once you are registered, you will show up on the RideShare map as a driver or a rider.  (The location on the map is approximate and full contact details are not displayed.)

Commitments to drive/ride are made between registered individuals.  Registering is not an obligation to provide a ride to every service or event.

How does the program work

Riders and drivers fill out the registration form to participate in the RideShare program.  When your registration is complete, your marker will display on the UUCS RideShare Map that indicates if you are a driver or a rider. Ride seekers are marked with a person icon; Drivers are marked with a car.

You look on the map to find other RideShare members who might be a good match. Don’t only look for others who live nearby! Find good rider matches who are on your way to church, or find good driver matches for whom you would be on their way. Click on the icon to find the first name and last initial of your potential match. Then, use the RideShare Directory (separate from the map; see below) to look up the match’s contact information. The rest is in your hands. Contact the match to work out the date, time, and location of your RideShare.

Remember, listed drivers are not expected to always be available.  Make arrangements at least one day in advance.

How do I register for the RideShare Program?

Fill out our online form. You will receive email confirmation within a week to inform you that your information has been added to the map and the directory.

Who can see the UUCS RideShare Map?

For optimal functionality, the map is public. However, the map does not display your full name, exact address, or contact information. Instead, a marker will be placed at an intersection near your home. The map displays the following information:

  • Offering/Seeking a ride
  • First name and last initial
  • Preferred service time
  • Number of seats available from driver

Contact information is only found in the password-protected RideShare Directory.

Who can access my contact information in the UUCS RideShare Directory?

The directory is only available to registered RideShare members.   You must register to learn the password for the directory.

Members of the UUCS RideShare Program may or may not be UUCS Members.

How do I access the UUCS RideShare Directory?

The RideShare Directory always the most current information.  Opening the directory requires entering a pin, which you will receive once you have registered.  You can access the RideShare Directory here.

What if I am not always available to RideShare?

If you are contacted by another program participant to RideShare but you are unavailable, simply tell them that, and when you will become available again, if applicable. If you are going to be unavailable for an extended duration, you may wish to temporarily resign from the program.

How do I resign from the RideShare Program?

If you decide that you do not wish to participate in the RideShare program any more, you can fill out the de-registration form to have your contact information removed from the directory and your marker removed from the map.

At this time, there is no option to mark you as unavailable for an extended period of time. So, in order to take a hiatus, you must resign and re-register when you are available again.