Pledge Drive 2018: “What Are Your Dreams for UUCS?”

Lit Chalice

What are your dreams for UUCS? Recently, we have seen videos and heard talks about what our music program is and could be and about what church administration is and could be. Soon we will hear about personnel and building needs.

Dreams are important because they shape the future. Have you considered that none of this would exist without the dreamers of the past? What if there had not been King John Sigismund who dreamed of religious tolerance? Where would Universalism be today without those who dreamed of a faith based on salvation for everyone? Where would our society be today without the many dreamers who worked for a more just world?

The status quo is not enough. This time is our time. So, let us dream of and work for a better world. Let us dream of ways that the UUCS can make a difference. Think on this when you consider your next pledge of support.

~ Bob Muir, Pledge Drive Team