Lily Walker

Director, Lifespan Religious Education

My name is Lyllian Walker, but please call me Lily. I am Professional Religious Educator with advanced degrees in Religious Studies and Education. I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Texas in Austin with a concentration in South Asian Studies. I then went on to live and work at both Tassajara Zen Center in Carmel Valley, CA, and Tara Mandala Buddhist Retreat Center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. After devoting time to learning from the angle of a practical application of my religious studies coursework through work-study programs in both Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, I spent time earning my Master’s Degree in Education using teaching Religious Studies as my focus for the program.

I bring to you many gifts and talents cultivated over the course of my career related to Religious Education. You will find me philosophically adventurous, resourcefully curious, and poetically wonder-filled. I am also a lifelong learner devoted to artful, compassionate, and heart- centered teaching practices aimed to nurture learners in mind, body and spirit while being mindful of, and attending to, Sacred Soul Purpose.