They looked to the Sky

Hello, Farewell and Hello, Celebrating Community

Join in the saying farewell to the old year and rejoicing for the new year.
A celebrating community brunch potluck and ritual will be held in the fellowship hall. Bring a tasty dish and yourselves. All ages are welcome.

Share the plate: RE Fund

UUCS Member Sara Pickett

In today’s age where freedom of speech is being questioned in different arenas, come explore the importance of maintaining one of the main principles of our religious faith, Freedom of the Pulpit.

Share the plate: Congregations Helping People
Celebrant: Lennie Martin, Anchor: David Gortner
Music: Barbara Stebbins-Boaz

Consuming Happiness

The pursuit of happiness; is it ever done and can happiness be maintained? In today’s culture of more is better how can an elusive thing like happiness survive?

Share the plate: LUS – Latinos Unidos Siempre
Celebrant: Lennie Martin, Anchor: David Gortner
Music: Laura Christian