Navigating in the Dark

Welcoming the Constancy of Change

How do we go about embracing what is new, with open hearts?

RE Annual Halloween Costume Parade: through the sanctuary, after News of the Community
First Service Music: UUCS Choir
Second Service Music: Jon Chinburg
Share The Plate: Microfinance Project

The Power Of Memory

Memory has been called the most wonderful ability. While it can be retentive, serviceable, and obedient, it can also sometimes be weak and bewildered; a powerful, ongoing narrative we use to understand and manage our lives. This morning, we reflect on the power of memory both to connect us with the past and to shape who we are in the present.

Celebrant: David Gortner, Anchor: Lennie Martin
Music: Sarah Greenleaf

A Curious Faith

When Albert Einstein wisely advised, “Never lose a holy curiosity,” he might have been specifically addressing those of us whose response to the really big questions tends toward asking more questions, and to finding satisfaction as much in the quest as in whatever answers we find.

Celebrant: Lennie Martin, Anchor: David Gortner
Music: David Gortner and Barbara Stebbins-Boaz

Life at the Improv

Improvisation and Unitarian Universalism have more than a little bit in common. Both require an open mind and the willingness to explore past a pre-determined path, for example. What wondrous possibilities might there be when faith and improvisation intersect?

Celebrant: Ann Hanus, Anchor: Arrhiannon Kirkpatrick
Music: Marcia Christenson