Family Service [Sunday Morning, One Service at 10:30]

Soul Matters Sunday – In Process

Process theology is an approach to interpreting existence that brings together physics and philosophy. What does process theology have to do with abundance?
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Celebrant: Sara Pickett, Anchor: David Jeffers
First service music: Ted Cory
Second service music: UUCS Choir

Soul Work

This Sunday, we will take part in the second round of White Supremacy Teach-Ins, a coordinated effort by UU congregations across the country to spend time learning what “white supremacy culture” means and how to address it.
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Celebrant: Lennie Martin, Anchor: David Gortner
First service music: Ryan Amend and Aimee Larsen-Amend
Second service music: UUCS Choir

We’re All in this Together

About ten years ago, singer Ben Lee wrote, “Woke up this morning, I suddenly realized: we’re all in this together.” In addition to making a catchy song, these words are useful for our religious lives.
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Celebrant: Gloria Holland, Anchor: Benjahmin Boschee
First service music: UUCS Choir
Second service music: Ryan Amend and Aimee Larsen-Amend

To Welcome All

“Radical hospitality” sounds like a wonderful thing to offer, but what does it really look like? There are serious challenges – and beautiful gifts – to be had in striving to welcome all.

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Celebrant: Gloria Holland, Anchor: David Jeffers
Music: Sara Greenleaf

A Shared History

What is it that leads a person to identify as a Unitarian Universalist? In a faith with no creed, what binds us together? Scholar and minister Rev. David Bumbaugh says that it is a shared history. We’ll examine the implications of that in this service.

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Celebrant: Joanna Manson, Anchor: Benjahmin Boschee
Music: Laura Christian

More Joy

We seek to make meaning of reality and that we try to help ourselves be deeply alive, open to both the fullness of our lives and the impact we have on each other. Today we’ll consider the role of joy in this human endeavor.

Share the plate: Salem for Refugees
Celebrant: Laura Christian, Anchor: David Jeffers
Music: Ryan Amend and Aimee Larsen-Amend

Our Garden: Annual Flower Communion Service

This will be our annual Czech Unitarian Flower Communion. Bring a flower for the bouquet! This service will also include bridging our youth into young adulthood, child dedications, and welcoming new members.
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Celebrant: Arrhiannon Kirkpatrick, Anchor: Ann Hanus
Music: UUCS Choir


Life offers many opportunities for transformation, large and small, wrapped up in suffering and in the habits of our days. How we meet and navigate them makes all the difference in the ways we transform ourselves.

Please join us to hear our newest intern minister, Monica Jacobson Tennessen, speak.”

Celebrant: Gloria Holland, Anchor: Arrhiannon Kirkpatrick
First Service Music: UUCS Choir
Second Service Music: Sara Greenleaf