The Worm In the Apple

The Worm In the Apple

We probably mostly agree that nothing and nobody is perfect. But how much imperfection are we willing to accept? At what point do we stand up and demand change, or turn and walk away? How do we find the balancing point?

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Celebrant: Janet Stevens, Anchor: Becky Harrison
Music: Zak Zundel

An Army of Antonyms

Congregation member Laura Christian will consider the power of fear in decision making, the many tools at our disposal to combat it, and some decisions in her life that illustrate what happens when fear wins, and when it loses.

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Celebrant: Gloria Holland, Anchor: Sara Pickett
Music: Ted Cory

Seeking the Swift Sunrise

Relatively new UUCS member Laura Christian will speak of her experiences seeking mental health treatment for her suicidal son, the choices she made, his eventual successful treatment, and the help she received from many sources.

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Celebrant: Lennie Martin, Anchor: David Gortner
Music: Ted Cory