Ed Kramer

To me, our congregation is about goodness. About five years ago, on nothing more than a whim, I googled Unitarian Universalism and found the UUCS website. I read the entire site, and it was as if I had written every word myself. ...more

Paul Manka

After spending our working careers in the Washington, DC area, my wife Carol and I moved to Salem in 2005 to spend our retirement. Not knowing a soul in Salem, we joined various groups to meet people. ...more

Craig Rowland

The day before Christmas Eve on 2014, we got the news that my mother’s cancer was terminal. It was shocking and upsetting because this confirmed our worst fears. Mom was done with radiation and chemo and considering how frail she was, there is no way she could live through other treatment options. ...more

Vicki Cunningham

Growing up as a Catholic, I felt a tremendous sense of loss when I could no longer reconcile my reason and beliefs, with those of the Catholic church, and stopped attending. Finding UUCS filled my need for a spiritual community that also respected my own beliefs and experience. ...more

Michael Pollard

Our daughter and her three children are regular attendees of the UUCS.  It was through them that we found our way to this congregation.  I discovered the covenants aligned with my values and the members of UUCS were very welcoming. ...more

Patrice Pollard

We took a leap of faith and moved to Salem in 2008 when our granddaughter, Tabitha, was 4 months old.  Less than 2 years later, our grandsons. Lucius and Nathaniel, were born.  The children actually led us to UUCS.  We brought them to RE the last Sunday in April and we have been coming ever since.